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  • Industry Knowledge Industry Knowledge Explore our specialized knowledge in action.
  • Curtain Walls Specialized projects and counter-sinking. Curtain Walls
  • Windows and Doors Drain holes, screw chasers, and other applications. Windows and Doors
  • Mirror Image Productions Mirror Image Productions Tiered punch placement and mirror image pressses.
  • Press Brake Louver Tools Custom made louvers and press brake information. Press Brake Louver Tools
  • Process Equipment Process Equipment How it's all made.
  • Porta Presses Portable air punches and gangbusters Porta Presses
  • Hydraulics Hydraulics More power for your punch.


Specialized Industry Knowledge

Punch Tools developed off the shelf solutions for specific industry applications and we want to share those with the metal stamping world.

Aluminum Railings   Aluminum Extrusions

Punch and pilot system for consistent picket spacing with no progressive errors.

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We expertly preserve the integrity of the legs and channels used in the assembly of the final product.

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Plastic Extrusions   Windows/ Curtain Wall

Cut to length; notching; multiple holes at once; angled holes on complex extrusions.

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Our industry experience allows us to offer competitively priced and easy to maintain tooling.

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Metal Orthotic Hinges   Metal Doors

Unique industry leading methods to secure hinges and allow smooth yet wobble free range of motion.

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Proprietary extrusion punch for lock set - eliminates installer cuts from sharp edges.

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Gas Fireplaces   Metal Tube Bending

Next generation vent caps manufactured in house

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Innovations to reduce cycle time and to increase product quality.

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Knowledge library

Come and visit our knowledge library. We have acquired a collection of specialized tool and die industry knowledge information and terminology that we want to make available for you.

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