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Window Industry: Drain Holes and Screw Chasers


Punch Tools has developed a wide variety of specialized industry knowledge while working within the windows and doors industry. Our experiences have lead us to have a strong understanding of drain holes and screw chaser placement on difficult locations, angles or intricate window extrusions. Need a design for: interior or exterior drain / weep hole placement, multiple drainage holes, aluminum or vinyl extrusions. We can make the perfect custom solution to fit your project.

45° Corners with a left to right feed through centerline design
High precision interior and exterior cuts are available
Aluminum or plastic
SolidWorks Design used for Punch Station design
Long length feed through with razor stops
Able to punch through multiple interior walls for drainage
Easy replacement for parts and pieces; one bolt for punch
Vinyl window industry extrusion showing the Punch Tools punches, punching through multiple internal walls to create a drain hole

We are able to punch through multiple internal walls on your plastic or aluminum extrusions to created the desired drain holes and deadbolt knockouts.

an example of the process a single piece of plastic extrusion may go through to achieve its desired interior and exterior drain holes.
Above: an example of the process a single piece of window industry plastic extrusion may go through to achieve its desired interior and exterior drain holes.
45° Corners
High precision interior and exterior cuts are available
45° ends, at or near corners
Clearance for screw chasers
fourty five degree cut Vinyl window drain hole showing the varied placement of our internal and external wall drain hole punches.
A 45 degree cut piece of window industry vinyl extrusion, highlighting the varied placement of drain holes available on either the interior or exterior walls.
Window drain holes using a vinyl piece showing the side and top views of the product to express the cuts are made on an angle piece.
Alternate view of the window industry vinyl extrusion.
Cross section showing a 45 degree cut highlighting the customizable drain hole access on any plastic or aluminum extrusion.
Screw Chaser Holes

The screw chaser holes punched into this piece of aluminum framing extrusion have been punched through to mate perfectly with the frame extrusions interior screw chaser channel.

A side by side comparison of the screw chaser holes with and without screws included on a window aluminum extrusion

Our custom punching presses can be designed to match any screw chaser or drain hole locations on either aluminum or vinyl window extrusion frames to fit your designs.

Aluminum window extrusion piece. A front view of the screw chaser holes and building of a frame.

Joining together the two pieces on 45 degree angle cuts, the screw chasers pull together the extrusions for a perfect and hassle finished frame.

The completed view of the screw chaser built aluminum window extrusion frame
Feed Through to Center Line
High precision interior, exterior and flange cuts are available
Standalone hydraulic punch stations
Simple to hook up and operate through a shop air compressor
Aluminum extrusions
Aluminum window razor stop drain holes showing that the punch can cut through an interior aluminum flange.
alternate diagram view of the Aluminum window razor stop drain hole, interior aluminum flange.
Above: The challenge for this project was to punch a drain hole and take out the flanges below in one hit with no distortion left behind on the aluminum extrusion piece.
Custom hyrdaulic Punch Tools Punching Press standalone station with a razor Stop guide
Above: A custom punch stations designed for this aluminum extrusion project with an implemented Razor / Tiger Stop guide for precise punch placement.
Punch Station Features
Unique punch blade design for quick and easy one bolt removal
Compressed air powered
Simple foot pedal controls
Solid steel bench with welded frame; bolt to floor tabs
punch station, one bolt removal
The punch above produces a cover mating pair cut on an aluminum extrusion muntin (seen in the image below).
Cover maiting pair, punched aluminum muntin extrusions
Punch Station Views
An exploded view of one of our stand alone hydraulic punching press stations.
Drain Hole hydraulic Punching Press station showing an exploded view of the press coming together.
Overview of the punch station in multiple views.

Drain Hole Punching Press station showing the multiple faces of the punching press.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project drop us a line and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Tel: 604.521.6444
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

British Columbia, BC

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