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Micro Perforation on Wood Veneer

Punch Tools provides industry-leading micro-perforation machines for acoustics control. Through an emphasis on both aesthetics and performance, these machines can produce perforated veneer panels perfectly suited for controlling ambient noises in lecture halls, labs, office spaces, etc.


Quality Paneling

Micro Perforator

We've designed our perforating machines to clear 99.5% of holes, guaranteed – degradation of clear holes to just 5% significantly impairs sound dampening. To achieve this rigorous performance standard, our Micro-Perforating Machines punch micro-holes with our built-in quality control features.

This allows our machines to produce the highest quality sound control veneer panels.


Precision Holes

Our machines punch rather than pierce the veneer so panels maintain consistently high NRC ratings.
Both methods may look identical on the surface; however, their acoustical performance differs greatly.

Piercing leaves an irregular cone-shaped hole that scatters passing sound waves. Punching, by contrast, effectively removes the slug material residue in order to create a precise cylindrical hole free for the sound wave to pass into the panel backing.

Close Up Micro Perforation

Plug and Play

Control Panel

Each machine is constructed for simple and straight forward operability. The interface console was designed to intuitively put control of the automatic feeding system, punches, and calibration at the push of a button. While periodically monitoring the slug evacuation, simply plug and watch as the perforation begins.


Proven and Reliable

We work with our customers to specifically cater to their needs. Where custom adaptation is required, our experienced engineers work with specific needs to incorporate these modifications. This approach has led to a reputation for proven and reliable micro-perforating machines.

Multiple Microperforated Panels


  • 60” wide 3 ply (1/16”) panels
  • Automatic In/Out feed
  • 2,600 holes per minute
  • .030” (0.762mm) hole diameter

Contact us with any of your questions at:
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

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