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We have the capabilities to manufacture a variety of different medical parts. Through our intensive Process Control Plan (PCP), each part can be assured to reach it's ultimate goal: to improve lives.


Quality Control

material certsWhen it comes to medical grade parts, precision and processes are paramount. Indeed, to ensure safe and defect free products, utmost attention to detail must be undertaken at each individual stage of the production process.

This is why at Punch Tools, we continuously maintain an environment that fosters both efficiency and diligence. Though our rigourous standards, our customers have trusted us again and again to produce with surgical precision for the medical community.

Manufacturing Processes

heap of hingesCold Forming

Cold forming is a simple extrusion process based on forcing a metal at room temperature beyond its elastic limit without affecting its tensile strength. Unlike hot forging or casting, the strength of the metal piece in question can be increased by the process.

Similarly, compared to milling or turning, cold forming produces parts with greater mechanical integrity and highly polished internal surfaces, resulting in up to 70 per cent less waste metal. Cold Forging is also the only method that guarantees the internal solidity of metal while improving mechanical characteristics by aligning a material's fibers.

Material and conformity certificates are available by request


Sample Medical Products

Medical Stylet



  • Material Certs
  • Electro-Polishing w/ Certificate
  • CNC Bending and Machining
  • Riveting w/o Clenching
  • Tight Tolerances for Mating Components

Quality Materials

  • Medical Grade Stainless
  • Aluminium
Medical Stylet small medical hinge Medical Stylet small medical hinge gear

See Aluminium Medical Products

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