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rockwell testerPunch Tools is dedicated to quality control; we make sure that all of our products are designed to specification so you can have the reliability that you need.

A key component of our quality control department is the use of our Rockwell Hardness Tester. Through its diamond-cone tip, it is able to measure the indentation on a standard tooling object.

rockwell tester tip indentationThe results are measured with the Rockwell Scale. Interestingly, this scale is different from other scales as it is not indexed to any particular physical dimension. Instead, it is an arbitrary dimensionless numbering system. Thus, we included bellow a sampling of different Rockwell Scale values for reference.

rockwell reference scale\

Our materials face rigorous criteria. Indeed, we only proceed with tool steel that is within 1-2 of the desired Rockwell value. As such, we pass on a better, harder, and more durable tool to you.


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