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What is EDM Drilling?

EDM (Electrical discharge machining) drilling, also known as hole poppers, small hole drilling, fast hole drilling and start hole drilling is the process of drilling holes on an electrically conductive surface with an electrode tube, typically brass. The tube is used to channel the electricity, and allows for different sized holes. The Joemars Super Drill EDM JM325D is an EDM drill machine that we use here at Punch Tools, and features sparking circuits to enhance machining speed, high accuracy, lower wear and excellent flushing power. This process is typically used to create a start hole for a Wire EDM Machine.

EDM drilling machine Joemars JM325D we use at Punch Tools

How does it work?

An EDM drill works by creating a spark between the workpiece and the electrode tube as it begins to drill into it. The spark from the drill generates an intense amount of heat and jumps across the gap between the two and erodes the workpiece. This unit is specially designed for drilling hard materials, such as hardened tool steel or alloys, tungsten carbide. The holes range in size from 0.012(0.3 mm) to 0.118(3.0 mm). The smallest holes cannot be made with a traditional drill bit.

Punch Tools is one of the few places that do Wire EDM or Drill EDM Machining in Vancouver BC.

Drilling Diagram

The drill slowly erodes the material with its sparks.

What can it do?

This manufacturing process is the perfect method to use when you are looking to add small holes to a piece, even one that has inclined faces or is in a difficult position.

EDM drill holes EDM drill inclined face

An EDM drill is capable of drilling holes of various sizes and in inclined faces.


The drill slowly makes its way through the material and can be seen cutting through towards the end of the video at 1:22.

So why use it?

EDM drilling is a manufacturing process that gives accurate results. It allows for clean and deep holes to be drilled from an array of sizes that would be almost impossible to do with conventional machining tools. Much like using Wire EDM, EDM drilling also eliminates human error so each drill comes out perfect.



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