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"Tool up" and benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity that comes with the in-house tool and die manufacturing at Punch Tools.

Our tool and die shop can look after all your metal stamping needs from simple perforation and shearing to complex progressive tooling that combines forming, embossing, punching and shearing. We also provide tool and die design services to make sure you are getting the tool that you need.

We add value through our experience across so many industries. Thus, we can present solutions that may be unheard of in your industry, offering you a new competitive advantage.

Punch Tools' toolmakers have vast industry experience to not only make you a new tool but to service your existing tools and keep down time to a minimum. We can setup up a preventative maintenance program that will help you to rest easy.

Contact us with any of your questions at:
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

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