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Tool Steel Grades

Our quality shear blades use a variety of tool steel grades, each with their own uses. At Punch Tools we can create your shear blades out of

  • A2: Standard Grade Alloyshear blades
  • M2: High Speed Steel
  • D2: High Impact Resistance
  • S7: High Shock Resistance

In-House Heating Treatment

heating ovenWe heat treat tool steel using an in-house heat treat oven. With temperatures of up to 2250°F, just before melting point, the molecules inside the tool steel realign creating the superior hardness needed for cutting other metals.

Quality Control

rockwell class= width=With a diamond tipped Rockwell hardness tester, we ensure that the tool steel we manufacture will hold up to expectations. At Punch Tools, we manufacture with precision and accuracy so that you will have the reliability that you need.

Custom Shear/Paper Notcher

hgvf Our qualified toolmakers will work with you to design and produce your custom shearblade. If you can conceive it, we can design and manufacture it.

Contact us with any of your questions at:
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: orders@punchtools.com

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