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Simplex Grinder


The Simplex Grinder is a surface grinder in use here at Punch Tools.

A surface grinder is a machine which produces a smooth finish on flat surfaces. A grinding wheel cuts chips of metallic and non-metallic substance from the workpiece, resulting in a smooth and flat surface.

Simplex Grinder Machine
Simplex Grinder Machine


This surface grinder features a 14” X 27.5” grinding area (35.6 cm x 69.9 cm), a table load capacity of 900 lbs (408.2 Kg), 12” x 2” x 5” grinder wheel size (30.5 cm x 5.1 cm X 12.7 cm), with an equipped 12” x 18” electromagnet chuck (30.5 cm x 71.1 cm), incremental down feed and coolant system.

Simplex Grinder Machine

Simplex Grinder Machine Simplex Grinder Machine

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