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Aluminum Extrusion




Punch Tool Consultation

Punch Tools offers consulting services to help you make the right decisions.
Tool Design and Manufacturing
Tool Design & Manufacturing

Tooling ranges from punching doors to thin film bottom contacts.

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Production Machinery

Need equipment for your operation? Punch Tools designs and manufactures your equipment as you want it.

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Parts Production
Parts Production

Cost effective and efficient metal stamping is a key to your bottom line. Our metal stamping operations specialize in low, medium or high production runs, offering cost effective alternatives to CNC and laser cutting volume parts.

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Product Assembly
Product Assembly

We offer a full turnkey service by assembling, packing end shipping your product to your schedule.
Punch Tool Repair and Maintenance
Repair & Maintenance

Repair of components
Replace parts

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Tooling Machinery
Tooling Machinery

Punch Tools has an array of machinery that we use for tool and die production. Including Electrical Discharge Machines for precision cut quality pieces, grinders and CNC machines.

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Wire EDM


EDM wire cutting is a manufacturing process we use at Punch tools. It provide perfect and clean cuts the first time and is excellent for creating complex shapes that cannot be done manually.

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EDM Drill

Shipping & Packaging

Packaging and shipping our products to our customers is a big responsibility, so we make sure it is done correctly.

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Specialized Industry Knowledge

Punch Tools developed many practical solutions to industry problems such as aluminum railings, aluminum extrusion punching, plastic extrusions, window industry plastic extrusions, metal orthotic hinges, metal doors, architectural lighting, foam cutting, gas fireplaces and metal tube bending.

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Contact us with any of your questions at:

Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

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