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Punch Tools
Air Punch Press*

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Punch Tools



Punch Tools - Air Punch Press

Let us introduce you to a better way to punch, form, countersink and run single station or progressive dies.

Portable Air Punch Press

Portable Air Punch Press

Punch Tools Air Punch Presses are portable, safe and virtually maintenance free. Versatile and variable tonnage with the unique ability to be able to shift the load centre to where the work needs to be done.
Just add air
Our Air Punch Presses do not need any special hook up and can be running within 5 minutes of arriving at your shop. You just need to hook it up to air, no need for special electrical connections or regulatory approvals. Just plug her in and go.
Bring the Air Punch Press to the job rather than having to accommodate the place in the shop you put the press in 2 years ago which no longer works for you. Our Air Punch Presses are all on wheels and can be relocated easily to accommodate that new job where you have processing 20 ft long extrusions.

Feed from front, back, left, or right it doesn't matter, whichever way works best — Air Punch Presses will work with you.

Air Punch Press lubrication
Add a little oil in lubricator


Punch Tools Air Punch Presses are virtually maintenance free, just a little oil in lubricator once in a while and they will run forever. Air Punch Presses are safe — the standard is a foot pedal that when released the ram returns automatically.

As an option you can have anti tie down palm buttons, — all shielding of tooling is the responsibility of the customer.


Our Air Punch Presses come in a variety of sizes and tonnages from single cylinder 7-1/2 ton models to dual cylinder 100 tons.

Each Punch Tools Air Punch Press comes with a one year warranty.


Call Punch Tools today to see if the Air Punch Press is the right choice for your application.

Tel: 604.521.6444
Toll Free:
Email: sales@punchtools.com


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