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What is tooling?

Tooling (or hard tooling) is about productivity and efficiency. When a metal part is required in sufficient quantity, hard tooling can stamp them out most efficiently using a punch press.

Hard tooling is commonly used in auto parts manufacturing and numerous other industries.

Your efficiency journey starts with our craftsmen who collectively have over 150 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and manufacturing hard tooling.

We evolved with the times into an integrated tooling shop, including

  1. SolidWorks® Design

  2. CNC Mills

  3. CNC Lathes

  4. Wire EDM & Drill EDM

  5. EDM Drill - Video

  6. In House Tool Steel Heat Treating

Trust Punch Tools die and tool manufacturing facility to deliver your next tooling project!

Contact us with any of your questions at:
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

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