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Punch Tools - Gang Busters

Hydraulic Gang Buster   Hydraulic Gang Punch   Air/Oil Gang Buster
Gang Buster 1


GangBuster 2


GangBuster 3

Air Gang Buster   Hydraulic Press Gang Buster  


Air 19-head
GangBuster 4


Hydaulic Press
GangBuster 5

The Gang Buster was designed to increase the productivity of processing long plastic or aluminum extrusions. The Gang Buster can be viewed as several Porta Presses “ganged” together to perform a number of tasks over a strip of stock extrusion.

These extrusions were previously drilled or routed in slow single station one-hole-at-a-time setups. Punching the extrusion in many locations in one cycle significantly increased productivity. Punching produced a slug that also reduced shavings and dust in the workspace eliminating health concerns and maintenance issues surrounding clean up.
Gang Busters   The Gang Buster has also replaced over built power sources where the multi-point punching was performed on a press brake that was over rated for the application. The Gang Buster was more versatile and easier to service than the press brakes. Once replaced the resale value of the press brake was more than the Gang Buster making for a double pay off for our customer.

The Gang Buster can be setup for a permanent layout of holes at a fixed pitch or equipped as shown with the punch stations mounted on a linear rail and pillow blocks for easy pitch change. The front of the bench has an indexing system using clamps and indicator needles to facilitate easy pitch alignment.

Punch Tools provides value added tooling in the Gang Buster for many window extrusions where slotted holes were required at right angles to each other. These can be accomplished in one hit using a cam tool setup. This reduces the handling time by half since traditionally slots were punched on one plane at a time.

Punch Tools has a library of other tooling solutions for notching and shearing extrusions. This tooling can be incorporated into the Gang Buster setup. Unitool C-frames are a popular choice for simple vertical round, obround, square or rectangular holes.

The Gang Buster can be power by air, air/oil, or hydraulic depending on the tonnage requirements of the application.


Call Punch Tools today to see if the Gang Buster is the right choice for your application.

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