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The Hydraulic press Gangbuster by Punch Tools is a revolutionary piece of equipment. It is hydraulically operated and can extrude multiple sections of the sheet metal at once.


Previous methods for cutting out these holes included CNC mills. This method has now become obsolete since the holes were only being cut out one by one. But the Sheet Metal Hydraulic Press Gangbuster, with its 6 stations you can quickly and easily punch out 36 holes at once, all with the press of a button…or two.


This Gangbuster Model features:

  • A modular construction for easy maintenance.
  • A hydraulic oil distribution manifold.
  • Highly accurate pressure gauges.
  • Slug catcher.
  • Six individual punch heads.
  • ON/OFF lever on each punch head.
  • High flow geared pump with 20 horse power motor.
  • Pilot valve
  • Control panel & electrical schematic.
  • Automatic retraction safety feature.
  • Pitch Stopper.
  • Distance stopper distances of: 6,7,8,9,10,12ft.

How it works:

The way it works is quite simple, the punch stations are connected to a pressure tube which is what allows the compressive force to pass through and punch extrusions from the metal. The electrical cabinet contains the power supply, relays and pump motor.

Before beginning punching, the back stopper must be set to the desired length of sheet metal that is to be extruded, this can be set at 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft. Then the operator can begin punching.

The control panel is a simple two-handed button control, where both buttons must be pressed down in order for the operation to start.

After the initial punch, the operator then moves the sheet along the track and locks the first hole with the pitch stopper and repeats the punching process. Then every third hole after that is subjected to being held by the pitch stopped until the sheet is complete.

Why use it:

The Hydraulic Press Gangbuster now eliminates the need for a CNC machine to cut out individual holes, and allows for up to 36 extrusions to be punched out at once, thus decreasing the total amount of time to complete one sheet and the amount of energy that is used up.

The automatic retraction safety feature retracts the punch heads when one or both of the operation buttons are released and begins to reset to its default position. This can act as an emergency switch and always requires the operator to be fully attentive to the punching.

The pitch stopper along the end of the track ensures perfectly even spacing between punches each time.

The pitch stopper along the end of the track ensures perfectly even spacing between punches each time.

Each individual punch station has an on/off lever located at the top, to help avoid accidental punches on section you don’t want punched, or for avoiding punching holes on the very edge of the sheet metal.


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