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At Punch Tools, we manufacture a variety of different venting components: coaxial ducting terminations, wide flanges, etc.

Though challenging to produce a cost effective yet functional venting component, grounded simple solutions and extensive experience has made our current customers come to expect nothing less.

Thus, expect Punch Tools to deliver — more than just hot air.

Manufacturing Processes


Since venting components can have 20-30 pieces, running an assembly operation in-house requires large labour and capital commitments.

Through our production team's inclusiveness and experience, costs like idle time and floor space can be minimized without sacrificing the attention and control of in-house manufacturing.

In essence, out sourcing your venting components would permit you to focus on important core competencies.


Clinching of tubes to collars

Venting combines numerous light sheet metal disciplines. Chielfly important among them is the clinching of tubes to collars. By clinching these two parts, it eliminates the need for riveting punched (or drilled) holes while providing a high quality fastnening

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