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The Punch Master was developed initially for customers requiring multiple holes of any shape at a fixed pitch over a length up to 16 ft. This machine is modularized into sections 24" long and can punch any fixed hole pattern as required. Each station can be independently operated and initialized as required. The total punching force of this machine is 50 tons allowing for a wide variety of applications including punching of aluminum extrusions, plastic moldings and roll formed parts. A wide variety of options are available for this machine including automatic part loading and ejection.

As with all of our machines the construction and engineering is of the highest quality and includes a modular aluminum machine base that can be extended or replaced as required. The hydraulics are custom designed and built for each application by our own in house engineers utilizing high-end components such as Rexroth.

Process time for punching can be significantly reduced, as with a recent customer Window Master in North Charleston South Carolina who manufactures window blinds and purchased a Punch Master to produce 100 holes in a single hit through a 3/8" thick section of plastic extrusion over 12 ft. They were able to reduce their process time from over 5 minutes per part to less than 20 seconds giving them pay back on the machine in less than six months.

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