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Wire EDM is a popular manufacturing method in the industry. We do Coquitlam and Vancouver Wire EDM jobs.

  1. What is EDM Wire-Cutting?
  2. How does EDM Wire-Cutting work?
  3. What can an EDM Wire-Cutter do?
  4. Why use EDM Wire-Cutters?

What is EDM Wire-Cutting?

EDM (Electrical discharge machining) wire-cutting, wire burning, wire-cut EDM or wire erosion, is a process in which holes are cut out of materials with the use of electrical discharges. The Mitsubishi FX10K is an EDM machine that we use at here at Punch Tools. The start hole is typically drilled with an EDM Drill machine.

EDM Wire Cutter we use at Punch Tools.

How does EDM Wire-Cutting work?

The way it works is really quite simple. An electrical discharge (spark) is created on a conductive wire, typically brass, that will pass through the given material giving it a clean cut. The entire operation takes place in a submerged tank filled with dielectric fluid, which acts as a cooling system for sparks and a flush mechanism for debris. The cut will be through the entire piece and can start from the edge to enter or from a predetermine hole that the wire will be fed through.

Punch Tools is one of the few places that do Wire EDM or Drill EDM Machining in Vancouver BC.

Watch our video below to see how we cut tough metal using wire EDM

What can an EDM Wire-Cutter do?

The possibilities are endless when using an EDM to extract shapes from materials, and thus allows us and our customers to create unique pieces for creative and projects.

Complex shapes such as the winged face below is an example of what the Mitsubishi FX10K can do. A piece cut to precision.

EDM wire cutting was the only method that would allow for such an intricate cut the first try.

Why use EDM Wire-Cutters?

EDM machines such as the Mitsubishi FX10K are the perfect way to make complex shapes that otherwise cannot be cut manually thus eliminating the human error factor.

Wire EDM also allows for an added advantage when cutting through hardened tool steel. For very high tolerance applications measured under one thousandth of an inch, this avoids distortion from heat treating after cutting.

Electrical Discharge Machining is becoming a more popular manufacturing method, and is being used by more and more companies. Which is why we are proud to be one of the few that offer Coquitlam and Vancouver Wire EDM machining solutions and jobs.


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