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Louver Tools

Built In Progression
For Ease Of Use

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Hanger Board

Jobsite Productivity Boost For
Ductwork Straps

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Tool & Die Makers

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Industrial Supplies Needs

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Precision Punch Tools Enhanced by
Hydraulic Press Innovation

How we are helping our valuable clients

Flat Punch Tools


Punch Tools offers consulting services to help you make the right decisions.

Punch Tools Porta Press

Tool Design & Manufacturing

Tooling ranges from punching doors to thin film bottom contacts.

Bending Tool Punch tools

Production Machinery

Punch Tools designs and manufactures your equipment as you want it.

Parts Production Punch tools

Parts Production

Cost effective and efficient metal stamping is a key to your bottom line.

Product Assembly Punch tools

Product Assembly

We offer a full service by assembling, packing & shipping your product.

Repairs & Maintenance Punch tools

Repairs & Maintenance

Sharpening,Repair of components,Replace parts,Troubleshooting

Tooling Machinery Punch tools

Tooling Machinery

Punch Tools has an array of machinery that we use for tool and die production.

EDM Wire Cutting Punch tools

EDM Wire Cutting

EDM wire cutting is a manufacturing process we use at Punch tools.

Shipping and Packaging Punch tools

Shipping and Packaging

Packaging and shipping our products to our customers is our huge priority.

Twenty Years of
Manufacturing Excellence

Metal Fabrication

For over two decades, Punch Tools been helping our partners by assembling a large number of quality parts delivered on time and to specification.

Punch Tools Metal Frabrication

Eletrical Discharge

EDM Wire-Cutting

Great for clean and pricise
cuts on tough materials

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Shear Blades

All shear blades are precisely heat-treated
to assure consistently uniform hardness hroughout

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