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Magic Oil

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Introducing “Magic Oil”. Punch Tools introduces our water based metal stamping lubricant. Our customers are constantly asking us for a solution to their lubricant problems when stamping parts. “Magic Oil” answers them all.

A little history - Magic oil comes from the Michigan auto industry and the demand for water based lubricants to replace the old solvent based ones. The main use of magic oil back east is to reduce the friction in large draw forming applications such as car doors and hoods.

In the video attached we see Magic Oil in use lubricating this progressive stamping die production.


• Lubricates punches and dies as they punch through your metal
• Stays on tool to lubricate
• Good for all metals
• Rust inhibitor on steel
• Ready to use out of the pail
• Evaporates and leaves minimal resides
• Washes clean for powder coating
• Non-toxic; No fumes; No worries

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